Ten Things To Do With That Extra Hour On Nov. 2, 2014

Realty Austin Open House
  1. Attend Realty Austin City Wide Open Houseextra hour to organize photos
  2. Transfer and organize all the photos from your phone onto a hard drive. Create and label categoriesextra hour to make belgian waffles
  3. Make Belgian Waffles from scratch instead of “just-add-water-pancakes.”National Novel writing Month a good use of an extra hour
  4. Start writing that book you’ve been dreaming of, but putting off forever. If you’re a procrastinator, just think, you only have to do it for one hour. Tell yourself you’ll never have to pick it up again…but if you start, you just might finish it. It’s National Novel Writing Month, after all.Skyipe friend with your extra hour
  5. Skype your best friend from college.play frisbee with dog
  6. Take your dog to an Austin dog park and play Frisbee with her.chicken fried steak at the bluebonnet cafe
  7. Head out of town to Marble Falls and go to Bluebonnet Cafe for breakfast…or pie! (Pie happy hour is M – F, from 3 – 5.)stock up
  8. Stock up on stuff you need and order it from Amazon Prime.F1Fanfest
  9. Saunter around The Formula 1 Fanfest in downtown Austin. (It’s the last day.) replace batteries daylight savings
  10. Replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Of course you could always use that extra hour to sleep in, too.


1. Austin City Wide Open House

2. #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

3. Austin Dog Parks — Yay!

4. Bluebonnet Cafe

Dog photo, Flickr CC: Donnie Ray Jones 

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