How to Age Gracefully In Your New Home

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Building a new home stirs your imagination and opens up opportunities to envision how you’ll live life in the future. You can dream and let your imagination run amok with ideas for lounging, playing, cooking, sleeping, working, raising a family, and even how you will deal with life’s complicated situations, sickness, solitude, etc. Building a new home usually forces you to look ahead for a significant number of years.

  • Do you envision a large shade tree outside your kitchen window? Planting one will be one of the first things you do.
  • Will you raise a family here? Which room will house the nursery?
  • Would you like to work from home someday? The craft room could double as an office.
  • Do you intend to retire here? Build in some accessories that will help you age gracefully and keep you comfortable and independent for years to come.

Baby boomers are blazing a path and keeping the spigot flowing on the fountain of youth. The energy they bring to Austin culture infuses the lifestyle here with practical, tasteful, eclectic fun.

The new homes they’re building for retirement are also fashionable, with forward-thinking style.

A few decades ago, when people retired, many figured they’d live in their house until they couldn’t anymore; then move into a nursing home. Today, young retirees have a whole new plan, driven by trend-setting baby boomers.

Success is in the planning!

Envisioning an independent, but sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle now involves leaning on community and friendships that make the process of aging a lot more fun. There’s no way new home buyers in their 50s and 60s will settle for a home they can’t fully enjoy with comfort and dignity. Nor will they sacrifice activities and friends they love.

It’s all in the perspective. They’re not ready for grip bars you’d find in a hospital room, for example, but smart new home buying boomers see a lot of sense in outfitting a bathroom for common sense, safety and stability.

Today, homebuilders accommodate these trendsetting boomers with every convenience and luxury available. For example,

  • Top shelf products like glass tiles decorate wider-than-before spaces between the kitchen island and the counter.
  • Appliances like front-loading washers and dryers to eliminate bending and reaching.
  • Brighter, automated lighting illuminates spaces where mobility depends on visibility.
  • Wheelchair friendly — and stylish — kitchen sinks.

New fixtures and current aging-in-place design can actually be very sexy…all while helping people stay in their homes longer and enjoy a vital, healthy retirement. Buying a new home allows you to peek into the future and view life’s potential possibilities, its realities, and its joys.


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