Planning Electrical Wiring To Rough In Now As You Build Your New Dream Home Of The Future

This is one of those “If I only knew then what I know now” articles written just for you, the future homeowner who’s just building now.

When you’re building your house, it’s easy to imagine serving your friends a glass of wine at your new bar-height, granite counter; you drift into a reverie thinking about rocking your baby in the new nursery painted that perfect shade of tiffany blue; and you can already feel that drool worthy first shower you’ll take in your new, stone-walled well-lighted bathroom.

But then you move in and reality hits…usually all at the same time.

  • You need to blow dry your hair and heat a curling iron, while you’re electric toothbrush charges. Make sure you avoid an electrical overload.
  • The dog rolls in who-knows-what (the turkey vultures circling overhead indicate something recently died close by). She needs a bath today!
  • You’re trying to find a place to charge all your tablets and phones before school, and set up the Christmas tree before company comes. (You may never find the Christmas decorations among all those boxes in the attic.)

Can you solve all these problems at once?

If you’ve been living in an older home, or even one that’s just a few years old, you know the challenges of getting all your 2014 needs met in a domicile that’s so 2001. You need power, baby. Lots of electricity for all the conveniences you can’t live without.

Now that you’re finally building a new house, this is one area where you’ll want to think about all those unmet needs and talk to your builder about putting in more than enough electrical opportunities to satisfy your techie heart’s desires.

The sooner the better! Even if you’re just dreaming of building a new home, and even if you won’t be utilizing all that power yet, now is the time to keep a running list of all the electrical appliances you can build into your walls, cabinets, or hidey-holes so that you’re not left stranded when the moment of truth comes.

Some electrical suggestions, just to get your creative juices flowing…

Make sure you have enough roughed in electrical for and underground dog fence, under-cabinet lights, or this automatic, hands-free faucet in the kitchen (which reviews say runs better with the power adapter than the battery pack).

planning electrical for automatic faucet


Don’t skimp in the garage – you’ll probably need more than you think for small appliance battery chargers, a sprinkler system, holiday lights, extension cords, etc. By the way, check out this handy power-up gadget by Chamberlain…your next “can’t-live-without” item?

Chamberlain garage power station


Don’t forget one or two behind drawers and cabinets in the bathrooms. These come in handy for flat irons, hair dryers, and lighted, magnifying mirrors.

planning electrical sockets inside drawers


Putting in a hot tub or pool – but not yet? You might need a 220 Volt pool pump. Check it out and have your electrician wire it. Hey, as long as he’s there!

planning electrical for hot tub

Put extra wiring and sockets in the attic – it gets super dark and kind of spooky in the corners.

Planning electrical for attic LED Lights

Think how handy it would be to have a socket inside a hall closet, a bedroom closet, or a kitchen cabinet for charging all your gadgets. This cute charging station was made with a Leviton USB outlet by blogger Make sure you have electricity exactly where you’ll need it.


How about the mudroom, where you can assign a separate cubby, complete with it’s own outlet and phone docking station for each kiddo. Don’t you just love the ingenuity of some DIY’ers? Show your builder this picture and see what he can come up with. storage locker built-ins



Will you have a thermostat that talks to your phone? An electric car that will need nightly charging? A security system that waters your plants? (Just kidding, sort of.) Every time you tell yourself, “We’ll put that in later;” ask yourself, “Will this require electricity?”

If so, start planning electrical wiring to rough in even before you need it. it’s easier and cheaper to install it now before the walls get sheetrock.


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