Austin’s Winter Sun “Problem” Fixed With Convenient Shade

TX Sun and Shade

You won’t get much sympathy from New Yorkers this week. As folks up north are buried under six feet of snow, people in Austin are undergoing their own winter “problems.” One of them is the changing light.

Ever notice how the light in winter is brighter and a little harsher than summer’s light? The winter sun rises farther south and the light in your house changes. If you’re new to Austin, you’re about to learn the real benefits of shade. Shade is a big deal here, whether it’s summer or winter!

Maybe the room you enjoyed in the summer suddenly falls directly in the sun’s path as it sets at night makes it impossible to watch TV. Or the bathroom is suddenly bathed in a swath of bright light that falls on the mirror as you’re getting ready in the morning.

Maybe you just decide that the sunshine you thought you’d like in your new house or new room, is more than you actually want to live with.

Whether you’re building a new house, or already living in one you own, you’ll find some light solution at Texas Sun and Shade.

winter sun blocked

Lane Frazier showed me around the Austin Showroom the other day, and pretty much wowed me with all the possible solutions for some light issues in my house.

  • A bug proof light screen the turn a hot, covered patio into a cool, screened-in porch at the touch of a button
  • A media room darkening shade that slides side to side to accommodate a sliding door
  • A retractable shade that filters light and provides privacy in a sunny bathroom without blocking the view
  • A sound buffer and total room darkening aluminum screen – if you’re lucky enough to live right near Lake Austin and the jet skis and light bother your sleep in the morning!
  • A traditional awning that shades your out door space on during certain times of day when the sun is harshest.
  • Even a screen that blocks golf balls and prevents window breakage (OK, the screen wasn’t made for that purpose, but the owners got the solution they needed in a convenient retractable shade.)

Some savvy new homebuyers are working with TX Sun and Shade in conjunction with their builder and having these awnings, screens and shades installed while the home is under construction. But don’t worry if you’re not able to do that. Most of these solutions can be retrofitted onto an existing house.

Lane shows winter sun solutionsNext time that gorgeous Austin sunshine glints right in your eye or alters the way you function in a room, visit Lane and have him show you around. Of course he’ll do a free home consultation, too, but it’s worth a stop into the showroom to check out all the options, all motorized by a handy remote control that’s easier to use than a snow shovel.


TX Sun and Shade

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