The Two Island Kitchen

Two kitchen islands

More is more, right?

When I saw this brand new kitchen with two islands, my imagination immediately started in on the task management benefits of two wide open counter spaces. While I whip up a fabulous dinner on one island, the kids would happily do their homework at another. Or picture the next party. Food’s piled on one island, and guests are sitting and enjoying space and elbow room at the other. There may even be room for flowers or a centerpiece out of the way of the cooking area. Extra space is always good. Especially when they come with a few little extras built right in.

Like this contemporary farmhouse kitchen with the cool gray countertops. When planning the perfect kitchen, don’t forget electrical needs. Check out the power strip built in just beneath the counter.
white two island kitchenNow, overlook the white benches, which have no place in a working kitchen unless they’re made out of some supple, washable, titanium material.  Observe instead the span of working and entertaining space. It’s like the Siberia of counter space, with a walkthrough divider. The storage space below means you may need fewer upper cabinets. Wait, there’s always the armoire.

Two islands, two completely different looks in this country kitchen. Granite on one island, wood on the other. Seating invites lingering at one, the other is all function, including a sink across from the stovetop — a convenient set up for a busy cook. (Maybe the design was meant to keep non-cooks away from the cooking areas. Just saying.)

If more is more, then this two-island setup delivers. Two sinks, two heights at each island…the two islands appeal to a neatnick’s yearning for symmetry and balance. Both islands are equally accommodating to the chef, and equally suited to the munching gallery.2-island kitchenThis two-island kitchen is open for viewing and dreaming in Bella Colitas off Hwy 71 West, west of Lakeway. I’ve been watching this community quietly grow over the past year, and finally decided to pull off the highway and check it out last weekend. Just like the ample space you get with two islands, the whole more-is-more philosophy bites the dust when you clutter up the extra space. The master planned communities dotting the Hill Country are welcoming new and current Austin residents who want to spread out a bit, and little by little, builders like Meritage are providing spacious homes within organized neighborhoods like Bella Colinas.


1. Gray countered islands in kitchen by Norwood Architects in Atlanta

2. Dark wood kitchen in

3. Denver chalet kitchen found on Houzz, designed by Comita Building and Design

4. Symmetrical white islands in CT by Renato Gasparian Associates

5. Meritage Homes

6. Bella Colinas, Austin

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