The Unusual HotHouse Flowers of Lakeway

Magpie Nikkie in the hothouse

Baby, it’s cold outside, but I know a hot place where the most unusual flowers flourish and flower wizard Nikki Mackenzie of Lakeway creates something magical out of them.

In fact, if you see the Magpie truck just follow it home, wherever that may be. The owner, Nikki showed me some arrangements she was working on for local Lakeway residents to whom Magie delivers. Once you see what she creates from “whatever she has in the shop at the moment,” you’ll want some of this hothouse loveliness, too.


Magpie truck delivers hothouse flowers


Magpie, a shop at its current location on 620, has been around for two years now, and caters to local restaurants, golf clubs, offices and resident’s homes. They never carry such ordinary fare as the Freedom Rose (the kind you get in grocery stores).

They prefer to carry instead a standard red garden rose, with plentiful, ruffled petals which unfurl to twice their size when opened. Nikki also showed me a handful of pretties from the cooler, like a yellow Pincushion Protea, a just-opening parrot tulip, an interesting Uluhe fern stem with a curlicue at the end, from the big island of Hawaii; and Brumia, a kind of plant you’d see in a Dr. Suess book.

garden rose

If you want to feast your eyes on some fantastical things, you should stop by this place!

When I visited they were in “that in-between place” between Christmas and spring, but the Christmas things, even the wreathes, were at home with wintery stuff. Magpie also has a selection of unusual jewelry, including a gold cloisonne modern line of jewelry featuring earrings and bangles from Spartina 449 and elegant crystal line, La Vie Parisienne, colorful vintage looking pieces. Lots of gift items and handbags were showcased, too.

flowers from Magpie

The best things about this shop were the flowers, though, as well as the charming owner. “It’s a family business,” Nikki explained. She’s the mom, her two daughters and mother all work in the shop. Even her daughter’s mother-in-law fills in when they get busy. They don’t carry things you can get anywhere else, making it a point to source the most unusual finds from the marketplace.

P.S. A tip to you guys… Order some of those heart roses with the large, ruffly petals for Valentines Day and I promise your lady will exclaim, “Oh, my God, where did you get those roses?” Mark my words, and you’re welcome.



2. Spartina 449

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