Freshen Up Your Home For 2015 With Stylish New Accessories

flight of gold texture

It happens for a lot of homeowners in January. You put away the holiday decorations and, enjoying the clean feel of your home, you desire something new to inspire you through the winter. Maybe you crave something visually interesting that gives you hope for the new year, or something light to offset the heaviness and over-done celebration of the previous season.

Maybe your house could just use a fresh look to stay in step with the times.

Decorum in the Shops at the Galleria in Austin jumpstarts inspiration for homeowners, designers, and anyone looking for something a little ahead of the curve for their home. While the shop offers unusual art, furniture, lighting and accessories — the cool thing about this place is you don’t have to be a designer to get the goods. Each sales person is an experienced designer who can guide you through your limitless choices, yet everything in the store is accessible and for sale to the public.

accessories with textureThe trend toward stylized natural elements is strong this year. You’ll notice polished brass accessories in the shape of an artichoke or pinecone; crisp white pottery with elements reflecting sea creatures and plants; stylized leaf designs on throw pillows; and hide rugs pieced from geometric shapes.

If the material is natural, it’s shaped into classic forms, if a shape is angular, it’s tweaked to look as if it grew from the soil, if an object is clean and smooth, look again — it’s inspired by an organic shape or texture.

Although this trend has been around for awhile (like, forever), this time the palette is cooler and lighter. It breathes easy and elevates even heavy, traditional pieces you find so often in Austin.  The team of designers can show you how to insert this trend into your established design with a few well-chosen objects or accessories. But if you’re ready for a complete overhaul, they’ll come out to your house and help you create a whole new look.

The contrast between textures and elements displayed in the showroom may give you ideas about how to rearrange pieces in your home. By adding one or two fresh ingredients, suddenly your whole room feels new.

For example, a large traditional art piece hangs over a swath of geometrically cut paper. The moody storm clouds in the art swirl atop a highly organized counterpoint in the paper. Although the paper is the same gray hue, the pattern could be painted to make it pop a bit more.

new accessory in paper


Another trend to note: light fixtures in materials that reflect more light. White, crystal, polished metals and mirrors are popular, and transform any look with a contemporary upgrade.

Bringing new accessories into your home changes the look and feel of your space without breaking the bank. A simple cluster of golden open orbs taking flight below a beam of light, or a silver starburst protruding from a coffee table; could be all you need to transform your home with style for 2015.


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