Hot? No, SWEET on Austin!

Sweet on Austin

Pink twinkle lights are pretty much irresistible when they’re draped around cupcakes and paper hearts inside a bakery on a cold, gray day. Tucked inside a shopping center strip beats the heart of Lakeway’s only real bakery. I might have missed it if it hadn’t been for the twinkle lights, but they beckoned me into the fluffy, pastel painted shop where the scent of sugar and vanilla floated in the air.

superbowl sweet cookies


Paige, a high school senior at Lake Travis took my order for two cupcakes, a banana cream and a strawberry with pink and green sprinkles that reminded me of Strawberry Shortcake, the character. My two sons would hardly even notice my coming home late if I came carrying cupcakes; the tough decision was the flavor.  According to Paige, you can make cake “pretty much any flavor. If it’s not on the menu board, just tell us what you’d like and we can make one for you,” which almost sounds like a challenge to me. But Sweet makes plenty more than cupcakes.

separated sweetness

The Superbowl cookies caught my eye. Did you know the frosting on the intricately decorated pieces of confection is actually hard on the outside, but soft on the inside? The cookie itself is soft all the way through, at least as long as you don’t leave it on your counter unwrapped for days. Apparently it’s quite an assembly line when the bakers make these cookies. Each layer of frosting must harden before the next is laid on. Then they’re individually wrapped, for freshness and gift giving. “Order them as soon as you can” for an over-the-top Superbowl party food table.

When asked if she decorated the cookies, Paige shook her head, “No, but I make the cake pops,” she said with a big grin.


Sweet chalkboard menu


You might think she learned how to bake at Sweet, but you’d be unfamiliar with Paige’s reputation at the high school for being a cake pop wizard. When running for class president of her senior class (after presiding over her class in Sophomore and Junior years), she made 300 cake pops. After the election, she ended up with more than a student council position. Bakery owner Heather McClure heard the cake pop news and asked Paige when she could start. Sweetness must be in her blood, because Paige’s previous job was polishing chocolate molds at a local chocolate factory.

Do you see a theme here?

Other “Inside the bakery tidbits? According to Paige,

  • The pictures of the kids on the walls eating cupcakes are actually the owner’s daughters — not just nice stock photography.
  • The stadium next to the cookies is also made of cookies (not cake).
  • A young man came in to ask what he could get his girlfriend, who was under the weather. “Um. Everything,” she said. Duh.
  • Sweet made over 400 pies for the Lake Travis ISD middle school teachers. “There were pies piled everywhere!” Of course they make pies, though they were sold out by the time I came in, around 4:30 pm. Just so you know…
  • On Valentines Day you’ll be able to buy a wrapped collection of fancy Valentine’s Day delights. Which would you prefer…chocolate or cake? Tough call.

Another option for you, as you’re considering what to get your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, or if you want to bring home something sweet to your kiddos… let Sweet make you a whole cake. By the way, Paige reminded me that they also make wedding cake — if your Valentines Day goes over really well!


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