Celebrating National Pie Day?

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Tomorrow is National Pie Day. Not a big holiday unless of course you’re in the pie industry. (Yes, there’s even a Pie Council.)

Pie council


Yet, everyone has a favorite pie (blueberry), and everyone has a pie moment they savor with fondness. Let me know if you can’t recall a single day or hour that wasn’t made better somehow with pie.

My mom Ginger is great at making pie, unless someone is around to see it. She gets up early and bakes before everyone else is awake.

A few years ago when she was visiting us in Austin, I insisted she bake a pie at my house, while the camera was rolling, for posterity. She obliged, but she was frustrated with the results. It was my kitchen, or my oven, or my granite countertop, or my rolling pin…or all of the above, but for some reason the pie didn’t turn out exactly right.

I still remember the taste, though. Perfection. It had a flaky crust, a not-too-sweet apple filling, crunchy sugar topping. And I got it all on video. Woot!

[I also spent the better part of the evening watching old videos when my children were little. Pangs of sadness and bursts of laughter. Ouch, how they grew. And the four years since my mom made the pie have not exactly been gentle on her.]

What is it about pie that feels like home, or a memory you’ll never get back? Who knows? But there you have it, a dessert worthy of its own national day, I hope you agree. Let’s celebrate, shall we?

Do you have a favorite pie in Austin?

Can you bake the perfect crust?

What’s the best filling for pie?

Share your best pie story here. Add a picture to our Facebook Page and we’ll feature it tomorrow on Facebook on Pie Day. Good luck!


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