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Lauren Hope Hair

Eyebrows are focus of the latest beauty product craze. If you’re over the mascara explosion and nail art Pinterest boards, get ready for Eyebrow-Mania. It’s here.

Once you start noticing eyebrows, suddenly they’re the most expressive features of a face, especially if they’re bold and beautifully shaped. Why do we have eyebrows in the first place, and how did they all of a sudden become the detail that makes eyes pop with drama, even when a smile or furrowed brow is nowhere to be found.

The natural eyes brow exists to keep moisture out of our eyes. Whether from sweat or rain, the eyebrow’s placement above the eye protects your vision from drips. Besides, protection, they also help a person express their emotions via their facial expressions. Without eyebrows, people would find it difficult to distinguish one from another. Don’t believe it? You probably couldn’t identify most of these celebs sans eyebrows. Warning: this website is oddly disturbing… as is this trivial tidbit: Ancient Egypt’s custom dictated shaving the eyebrows in grief over the death of a household cat. Do you love your cat that much?

This spring, the beauty supply shops are bursting with new products and displays showing how to get all the oomph while keeping the au naturel brows you were born with. I chatted with Lauren (@laurenhopehair, above) about her perfect brows and if any woman could achieve the look. She shared some secrets:


  • Buy Anastasia products. They have pencils, pomades, and filler kits in dozens of shades. “Experiment with the pomade and get a skinny pencil for the inner brow,” she said. She recommends a pencil the a twist up point, so you always get a super sharp line for filling in bare patches.
  • Get a new eyebrow brush every time you replace your cosmetics, unless you’re super scrupulous about washing your brushes.
  • Go one shade darker than your hair.

Got it! So now that you know how to get the look at home, how do you organize all those products? Any tips for that? Not from Lauren, who admitted, “I’m the worst. My make up is a mess!” Sister.

Since we’re all about bringing it home in Austin, I decided to go in search myself. An easy fix is a clear, acrylic Caboodle from Target, but I was thinking along the lines of something bolder and arty, you know, to go with the eyebrow theme…

Anna Karlin Beauty Bar

  • The perfect vanity for eyebrow-worthy application has more style and presence than mere acrylic. This “Beauty Bar,” handmade in New York by Anna Karlin is more on par with the creation of the ideal brow line. With hand-etched numbers on each drawer and hand made hinges, keeping the drawers self contained in an elegant curvy cabinet, you might even try to keep it free of powder, hair, and loose bobby pins – at least for awhile. I know the wood’s pretty, but I can see this in white or black.

makeup organizer

  • And for the spartan girl with fewer cosmetics, or at least a mere handful of go-to-products, there’s this zebrawood organizer from FindsofaKind on Etsy.
  • Organized is one thing, clean is another. Makeup storage is probably best kept hidden, unless you’re a pro. The best vanity top is glass or marble, naturally, because it’s impervious to all the ingredients in make up and cosmetic removers. dusty, gooey makeup is nasty, y’all. Clean it up or hide it.

Back to my friend, Lauren. She may have the coolest eyebrows in Austin, because she’s been practicing. You can, too. Lauren’s top tip for eyebrows is actually her secret strategy for many beauty and hair ideas. YouTube! No favorite channel, she just searches to see how others are applying and using the products she and her customers love.


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