Chocosutra: For The Love Of Chocolate

Chocosutra hands

Can you imagine the essence of two dozen roses and a touch of Frankincense, packed into four dark chocolate nuggets? “Euphoria” might be the word for it, if you ask Richard Kreuzburg, the creator of this Valentine’s Day delight.

Sticking to the chocolate theme this Valentines week, we went in search of the rarest, boldest chocolate in town and unearthed the treasure that is ChocoSutra.

Inspired to make his own chocolate after experimenting with chocolate powder in fruit smoothies, Kreutzburg soon became immersed in a world unknown to the millions throughout history who’ve enjoyed this “superfood.” He learned much of his art from how-to videos on YouTube by chocolatiers, and discovered idols like Patrick Roger, famous in France for his chocolate sculptures and boxes of creative concoctions.

Richard Kreuzburg, Chocosutra

Brilliant ideas never cease. Besides the rose chocolates he made special for Valentine’s Day, Kreuzburg invents flavors such as Lavendar, Immunity, Sacred Trees, Noble Mushroom, and Habanero Salt. One taste and you’ll swear you’re fortified by a force field of natural, therapeutic wholesomeness. He uses only the highest quality ingredients at Chocosutra, sparing no expense to invent chocolate recipes unsurpassed in antioxidants and health benefits.

In Equador, where he imports the cocao powder, butter and pastes he uses to create his unusual confections, they consider chocolate a food, and even a form of currency. It’s certainly not “candy,” like you think of today. Not even close. ChocoSutra is dense, dark, earthy, spicy, almost pungent, drawing forth highly charged emotions.

The giant pod on the table before him holds around 30 seeds, which are used to make chocolate, among other foods. But don’t compare this food to a Kit Kat bar, for example. There’s no comparison in taste, quality or health benefits.

giant cacao pod

Biodynamics and sustainability are hallmarks of all the ingredients that go into ChocoSutra Chocolates. The cacao ingredients come from Pacari, the world’s first biodynamic chocolate company, which “strives to create a diversified, balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility from within the farm itself.”

In keeping with his desire for sustainability and ecological sense, Kreuzburg sources honey from the Central Texas Bee Rescue, run by Walter Schumacher, which works to relocate and rehabilitate unwanted hives of honeybees where they naturally occur and help them continue functioning in a new location out of harm’s way (for both the bees and people). The resulting honey bomb chocolates and honey chocolate spreads drip with over-the-top, dark sweetness.

You can find ChocoSutra at Wheatsville Co-op, People’s Pharmacy and the Omni Hotel downtown. Various size and flavors will be available for Valentines Day, though Kreutzburg swears by those roses if you really want to make your partner swoon.


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