One Green Thing For Spring

one green wall

When looking to buy a home in San Jose, CA about 20 years ago, there was a neighborhood called Willow Glen with street after street of Eichler houses. “You either love’ em or you hate ‘em,” the realtor told us.

Eicher was a mid century modern architect who build a bunch of these little houses in CA, one of which turned up on the market in all its original glory. Not a detail had been changed, right down to the sliding cabinet doors with the cut out holes instead of knobs.

My Mr. took one look at the tiny bedrooms and said, “Well that was interesting… next,” while I lingered in the kitchen and the small, front courtyard. Alas, my flash vision of refinishing the little house wasn’t to be, but I still remember the color of the cabinets. That lime green. (Well, they would have been lime green if they hadn’t had 40 years of age on them.) I could see past the “patina” of oil and dirt to their former, grassy, glossy glory.

Today that bright green is everywhere.

green pop in a cabinet

In a couple of weeks you’ll notice the tiny flicks of fresh, green buds out of the corner of your eye. Then almost instantly, Austin will be blown open with the fierce unfurling of spring. A delicate but mighty color, lime green or citrus green means “fresh.” The door opens to March in Texas…and you can honor the moment with a sliding pocket door to your pantry. (How easy would this be?) Much less commitment than the all-green cabinets above, but just the pop of color that would make your kitchen feel brand new.

lime green door feels like spring


Here’s an idea. Take one grungy, dusty-colored thing out of your house… a sofa pillow, a vase, or maybe one wall… and replace it with a shocking jolt of green. Instant spring. Here, a baby’s nursery is the perfect spot for the newness of a repainted open cabinet. What better welcome for a new boy?

green pop of color in a cabinet in a nursery


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