Hot On! Austin is dedicated to Austin people who love the eclectic nature of this town.

Hot On! Austin is dedicated to people who love the eclectic nature of this town and make their homes in Austin…the people who choose to live somewhere trendy and new, but traditional.

What’s so great about making Austin your home? We think there are too many to count…but we’re trying.

It’s the people, opportunities, places, events, activities, weather, shopping, food and community that make people want to settle in and stay. Once you experience Austin, it’s kinda hard to leave.

Have you staked out your own little corner of Austin yet?

You may have noticed a similarity to Hot On! Homes’ logo. Think of Hot On! Austin is an offshoot celebrating all the reasons someone chooses to call Austin, in particular… “Home.”

hot on! homes


Here’s to your hub, your command center, the source of all comings and goings. We hope you’ll stick around and see why Hot On! Austin is the discovery zone for only things worthy, cool, comfy, hip and fine about Austin homes, people and lifestyle.

We aim to serve Austinites with ideas, products, entertainment, food and spaces that reflect this town’s new vibe and make central Texas a more diverse, rich and vibrant place to live.


P.S. Did we mention, we love this city?


Jen McGahanJen McGahan is a writer and founder of the marketing firm My Team Connects. She lives just west of Austin in the fast-growing burb called Spicewood. Jen loves the Hill Country, reading, fitness, and of course her three funny kids (four, if you count her dog, Rosie).